OSG Privacy Notice


Oatlands Scout Group keeps personal information on members for two main purposes: the operation of the group and the history of the group. In terms of GDPR our principle justification for lawful processing is legitimate interest. I.e. we hold information necessary to enable us to offer or provide scouting to the people concerned.

While a person is a member of the group we will hold a wide variety of information, including sensitive information such as disabilities and medical conditions, as needed for the safe conduct of scouting activities. We will also hold contact details for parents and other carers. We may pass some of this information to third parties who are providing scouting activities to the extent needed for them to provide those activities safely.

Once a person leaves the group we will destroy most personal information held within one year. We will keep records which may be needed for future litigation. We will also keep indefinitely records of personal achievement such as major awards recorded on honour boards in our hut.

We also hold records needed for our waiting list, which typically consists of names and ages of young people and contact details for their parents.

Web site

Our web host keeps logs of each visit to our web site, including the IP address of the source, the browser used and the page visited. We use this data simply to see how the web site is being used.

Our web site does not use any cookies